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Elementary School

Students in grade three may volunteer to serve on the third Grade Drama Team. This is a rotating team of students who learn the art of drama and performance under the direction of a drama coach. Students practice dramatic and theatrical skills with their team in preparation for a performance in front of the study body. The third Grade Drama Team studies a passage of the Bible, memorizes a script aligned to the passage and portrays the Bible story in chapel.

High School

The theatre program at Eastern Christian High School is primarily extra-curricular. Rehearsals all take place outside the school day. The school produces and performs two shows a year (one in November and one in March). Shows that have been presented in the recent past included Cheaper by the Dozen, Once Upon a Mattress, Up the Down Staircase, Willy Wonka, John Lennon & Me, and Fiddler on the Roof. Auditions for on stage roles are open to all students. The production elements of the shows are also student based. Students participate as members of the stage crew, construction crew, technical crew, and pit orchestra.